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José from Guadalajara asked:

How do you rate yourself as a guitarist?

Well, it depends on what kind of guitarist. I’m alright, I’m not technically superb, I can’t do all that fast crazy shit, plus I do not have much hair left, but I can make a guitar fucking howl and move, I can make up a melody right on the spot and take it somewhere, I can make a band drive and I have a definite style of playing.  You know, a lot of  people want technical things; it’s like wanting technical films. Most critics of rock and roll, and guitarists, want technically perfect films, finished for them, and then they feel happy. I’m a musician and you have to break down your barriers to hear what I’m playing. But I wish I could just do like Jimmy Page or B.B. King. If you would put me let’s say with B.B. King, I would feel real silly. But I’m an artist, and if you give me a tuba, I’ll bring you something out of it.

Riley from Brisbane asked:

Do you have a cd? I would totally buy it!

Hi there! A cd is cooking, not done yet, but is scheduled to be released by the end of this year and will be available at your common online disributors (=> itunes/amazon/etc.). I keep you updated! Stay tuned!

Julietta from Naples asked:

Who are your top twenty artists?

To be honest, I don’t like those lists, I could never name you my most favored artist; but I name you a few that stand out in my book; this isn’t in any order and I am probably forgetting a bunch: Captain Beefheart/The Kinks/James Brown/Syd Barrett/Brian Eno/Neil Young/David Bowie/Can/MC5/Charles Mingus/Herbie Hancock/Miles Davis/Os Mutantes/Gilberto Gil/Howlin´ Wolf/Frank Zappa/Led Zeppelin/Radiohead

Joanne from Bristol wrote:

Your music is awesome! I want to marry you!

Thanks, I am glad you like my music, but I am not sure if I want to marry you, too, though! If you happen to have a lot of money I might…

Hugo from Nantes asked:

Why did you call one of your songs “that old –la bamba- thing”?

Well, cause that’s what it is, it’s approx. the 1534th version of “la bamba”; every year, for centuries, we have “la bamba” versions popping up the charts, being glorified by the music press and the media and kids go crazy over it - and it’s always the same “la bamba” chord changes…it may not be the greatest thing I ever wrote, but I have to admit, I do get a lot of  satisfaction out of it, because rewriting “la bamba” chord changes is always a lot of fun…and for all rockstars I guess the truth is:  any time they can make a number one record by rewriting those chord changes, it is very satisfying…

Sara from Boston asked:

When you record, do you go for feeling or perfection of the sound?

Well, for me both goes hand in hand; but isn’t it perfect when it sounds just right, when it transports the feeling from which the whole idea arose from!? Even when it happens to have wrong chords or has not perfectly played parts in it!? A lot of times I leave “mistakes” cause they can add a unique character to what is recorded. In general I like recordings that have a certain rawness  in it. I guess, I favor rawness over perfection.

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